Top 15 BC Bestsellers of 2017

We know how much you love lists, especially ranked ones (we can tell from all the tweets), so we thought you’d like to see the BC bestsellers for the calendar year. The list was compiled using sales data from more than 70 independent bookstores in BC, provided to the ABPBC by TBM BookManager. Drumroll, please….

15. The Haunting of Vancouver Island: Supernatural Encounters with the Other Side, by Shanon Sinn (TouchWood Editions)

14. Some Useful Wild Plants: A Foraging Guide to Food and Medicine from Nature, by Dan Jason (Harbour Publishing)

13. Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation, by Monique Gray Smith (Orca Book Publishers)

12. The Land on Which We Live: Life on the Cariboo Plateau – 70 Mile House to Bridge Lake, by Barbara MacPherson (Caitlin Press)

11. Victoria’s Most Haunted: Ghost Stories from BC’s Historic Capital City, by Ian Gibbs (TouchWood Editions)

10. Bad Endings, by Carleigh Baker (Anvil Press)

9. Tails Don’t Lie 2: A Pack of Dog Cartoons, by Adrian Raeside (Harbour Publishing)

8. First, We Brunch, by Rebecca Wellman (TouchWood Editions)

7. The Nordic Guide to Living 10 Years Longer: 10 Easy Tips For a Happier, Healthier Life, by Bertil Marklund (Greystone Books)

6. Harry: A Wilderness Dog Saga, by Chris Czajkowski (Harbour Publishing)

5. Chasing Smoke: A Wildfire Memoir, by Aaron Williams (Harbour Publishing)

4. The Inner Life of Animals: Love, Grief, and Compassion – Surprising Observations of a Hidden World, by Peter Wohlleben (Greystone Books)

3. Chilcotin Chronicles: Stories of Adventure and Intrigue from British Columbia’s Central Interior, by Sage Birchwater (Caitlin Press)

2. Hello Humpback!, by Roy Henry Vickers & Robert Budd, illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers (Harbour Publishing)

1. On Island: Life Among the Coast Dwellers, by Pat Carney (TouchWood Editions)

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