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“The concerns of our time and our tribe”: Excerpt from the letters of Jane Rule and Rick Bébout

In August 1989, Jane Rule—novelist, essayist, and the first widely recognized “public lesbian” in North America—summed up the first eight years of her correspondence with Rick Bébout, a noted gay activist and publisher in...

Neil Sterritt travels the Skeena Valley geographically and culturally

Mapping My Way Home: A Gitxsan History by Neil J. Sterritt traces the journeys of the European explorers and adventurers and the stories of the Gitxsan people, to illustrate their resilience when faced with...

Discovering the Woman Behind Robert Burns

In this excerpt from Should Auld Acquaintance, the wife of poet Robert Burns, Jean Armour, comes to life and asserts her place as more than a footnote in poetic history.

The Heron: an illustrated excerpt from Alison’s Fishing Birds

A beautifully illustrated children’s story written by acclaimed Canadian author Roderick Haig-Brown, Alison’s Fishing Birds is the story of a young girl’s encounter with some of BC’s most intriguing river birds.