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David Starr’s historical YA novel captures the complexity and conflict of New Caledonia

David Starr’s historical YA novel, The Nor’wester, follows Simon Fraser’s journey through the eyes of a Scottish lad.

Jim Wong-Chu: In Memorium

Asian community champion, editor, and literary leader Jim Wong-Chu passed away this week

“I am drawn to the weird, to the dreamlike, to the absurd”: Stuart Ross on Anvil’s new surrealist poetry imprint

A Feed Dog Book aims to fill gaps in the spectrum of Canadian poetry with new surrealist works.

Celebrating Canada’s Natural Beauty

Travel vicariously through these photography books highlighting the beauty, majesty and awe-inspiring landscapes found in western Canada’s Rocky Mountains

“The concerns of our time and our tribe”: Excerpt from the letters of Jane Rule and Rick Bébout

In August 1989, Jane Rule—novelist, essayist, and the first widely recognized “public lesbian” in North America—summed up the first eight years of her correspondence with Rick Bébout, a noted gay activist and publisher in...

New Reads for National Aboriginal Day

A selection of recent works by Indigenous writers and forthcoming Indigenous books in celebration of National Aboriginal Day

Robin Stevenson talks Pride and celebrating diversity

In honour of Pride Month in June, Robin Stevenson talks about her award-winning book, Pride: Celebrating Diversity & Community

Bearskin Diary by Carol Daniels selected for First Nation Communities READ

The jury agreed that Bearskin Diary is an important book telling the story of one of thousands of Aboriginal children taken from their families by provincial governments during the “Sixties Scoop”.

“Exploring emotional extremes through natural themes”: Carleigh Baker discusses the cover art of Bad Endings

After seeing a breathtaking watercolour of salmon clumped together into a teeming mass, with mouths that could be gasping for air or just as easily screaming in agony, I knew Katie and I would...

Kai Cheng Thom wins LGBTQ Emerging Writers Prize

Writers’ Trust of Canada announced Kai Cheng Thom winner of the 2017 Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ Emerging Writers.