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Iona Whishaw: “I like my female protagonists to be strong”

With her fourth book in the series forthcoming, we caught up with mystery novelist Iona Whishaw to discuss detective stories and her writing inspirations.

Arushi Raina: “All of my characters are flawed, but in different ways”

Arushi Raina’s debut novel explores the roots of the Soweto Uprising in Johannesburg in 1976, and the edifice of Apartheid in a South Africa about to explode.

Jack Knox: Once I began writing humour for publication, I fed off the reaction

Starting as a journalist, humour was something Jack Knox had to suppress. Now, he can’t stop his witty contributions—nothing hones humour-writing skills like laughter.

Maia Caron’s debut novel inspired by her ancestors

Maia Caron—who didn’t discover she was Métis until her twenties—wrote her debut novel as a love letter to her extended relations of Batoche Métis, women with secrets, and to Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont.

Kids Read Local authors discuss their latest releases

The four authors performing at our Kids Read Local event at Word Vancouver on September 24, 2017 answered some burning questions we had.

Charlie Demers cracks open comedic forms with Robin’s Egg imprint

“I’m interested in facilitating funny, smart, joyful, and incisive stuff,” explains Charlie on the new imprint with Arsenal Pulp Press.

Confronting Lies & Finding Truths with Laura Langston

In Plain Sight is a timely and compelling novel for young readers; Laura Langston shares insight into writing the book.
VS Books - Arsenal Pulp Press and Vivek Shraya imprint

VS Books: Arsenal Pulp Press & Vivek Shraya create space and supports for underrepresented & emerging writers

The recently announced collaboration with Vivek Shraya and Arsenal Pulp Press is an imprint that includes mentorship and a publishing contract.

Melanie Jackson recasts Persephone’s mythological story in contemporary times

Death Drop is a short high-interest contemporary novel and one of several Melanie Jackson has written with amusement park themes.

David Starr’s historical YA novel captures the complexity and conflict of New Caledonia

David Starr’s historical YA novel, The Nor’wester, follows Simon Fraser’s journey through the eyes of a Scottish lad.