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Gung Hay Fat Choy: Celebrating Chinese New Year with Jen Sookfong Lee

Chinese New Year is a popular and well-known holiday, but like Christmas or Halloween, it grew out of history and stories. Jen Sookfong Lee helps young readers understand Chinese New Year and what makes...

Erinne Paisley: PopActivism and changing the world

The story of Erinne Paisley’s prom dress (made of old homework) went viral and raised awareness to how social media can create change. It also nabbed Erinne a book deal about PopActivism.

Arushi Raina: “All of my characters are flawed, but in different ways”

Arushi Raina’s debut novel explores the roots of the Soweto Uprising in Johannesburg in 1976, and the edifice of Apartheid in a South Africa about to explode.

Jack Knox: Once I began writing humour for publication, I fed off the reaction

Starting as a journalist, humour was something Jack Knox had to suppress. Now, he can’t stop his witty contributions—nothing hones humour-writing skills like laughter.

Kids Read Local authors discuss their latest releases

The four authors performing at our Kids Read Local event at Word Vancouver on September 24, 2017 answered some burning questions we had.

Confronting Lies & Finding Truths with Laura Langston

In Plain Sight is a timely and compelling novel for young readers; Laura Langston shares insight into writing the book.

Melanie Jackson recasts Persephone’s mythological story in contemporary times

Death Drop is a short high-interest contemporary novel and one of several Melanie Jackson has written with amusement park themes.

“I am drawn to the weird, to the dreamlike, to the absurd”: Stuart Ross on Anvil’s new surrealist poetry imprint

A Feed Dog Book aims to fill gaps in the spectrum of Canadian poetry with new surrealist works.

Elizabeth Rains on Hepatitis Awareness and her incredible recovery

Was it wild parties and rough sex, the blood transfusions after childbirth and following a horrific car accident, or perhaps some other event during the freewheeling 60s and 70s that infected Elizabeth with hep...