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Confronting Lies & Finding Truths with Laura Langston

In Plain Sight is a timely and compelling novel for young readers; Laura Langston shares insight into writing the book.

Melanie Jackson recasts Persephone’s mythological story in contemporary times

Death Drop is a short high-interest contemporary novel and one of several Melanie Jackson has written with amusement park themes.

“I am drawn to the weird, to the dreamlike, to the absurd”: Stuart Ross on Anvil’s new surrealist poetry imprint

A Feed Dog Book aims to fill gaps in the spectrum of Canadian poetry with new surrealist works.

Elizabeth Rains on Hepatitis Awareness and her incredible recovery

Was it wild parties and rough sex, the blood transfusions after childbirth and following a horrific car accident, or perhaps some other event during the freewheeling 60s and 70s that infected Elizabeth with hep...