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Year in Review: 2017 highlight reel at Read Local BC

Even though 2017 was a tough year in many ways, we are happy to have shared books on important topics, increased diversity, award recognition, and new publishing initiatives. Check out a selection of our...

Top 15 BC Bestsellers of 2017

We know how much you love lists, so we compiled the local bestsellers for the year. Here are BC’s top 15 bestselling books in 2017. Take a peek!

9 Diverse Books for Young Readers | Holiday Gift Guide

   Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation by Monique Gray Smith (Orca Book Publishers) teaches young readers about the lives of Survivors of the Residential School system and the lack of understanding of the historical...

8 Books for the Politically Engaged | Holiday Gift Guide

Fake news. Clickbait. Negative newscasters. It’s difficult to balance the desire to stay informed with the stress of a constant news cycle. Our solution? Get off the net and settle down with one of...

12 Books for the Environmentally Concerned | Holiday Gift Guide

These are books and stories with strong narratives and environmental undertones (or overtones), which reflect how passionately we feel about nature here in BC.

Best BC Books for Dog Lovers | Holiday Gift Guide

These 6 books are perfect for any animal lover, with heartwarming stories and lots of floofy doggos and puppers to fall for.

9 Books for the Fanatic Foodie | Holiday Gift Guide

These books are perfect for the friend that always hosts dinner parties, the grandparent who insists on packing leftovers for you, and the family member whose mouth waters just looking at cookbooks.
Talonbooks celebrates 50 years in 2017

Talonbooks: Celebrating 50 years of independent Canadian publishing

Talonbooks is celebrating 50 years in 2017—and we’ve got a behind-the-scenes tour of the whole operation, including the office, warehouse, and archives.

In Praise of Book Designers: “We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but often do”

Though there are myriad factors that build that first impression, it’s what the cover feels like that matters. Sylvia joins us with an essay in praise of book designers and what the package of a book actually...

Arushi Raina: “All of my characters are flawed, but in different ways”

Arushi Raina’s debut novel explores the roots of the Soweto Uprising in Johannesburg in 1976, and the edifice of Apartheid in a South Africa about to explode.